Acorn Urns

Acorn Urns are made from recycled kraft and recycled paper.

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Acorn Urns

Acorn Urns are made from recycled kraft and recycled paper. Fully biodegradable. 10" high x 8" at widest point. Finished with naturally dyed moss green or russet red paper. Dutch gold leaf* finish also available. Staks ae twists of tissue paper. Individually boxed. Optional 100% cotton drawstring ashes bag also available.
The Acorn Urn is ideal for the burial of cremation ashes particularly in woodland and natural settings.

*Dutch gold leaf - an alloy of copper and zinc.


Ashes can either be placed directly into the Acorn Urn, or first transferred into our optional hand made, 100% cotton ashes bag and secured with the draw string.

In the UK, cremation ashes are usually returned to the family in a boxed, functional plastic container, or a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. They can be easily transferred to a new container, either by family and friends, or your funeral director will also usually offer this service.



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